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For Horse Lovers

Milne Feeds is committed to helping horse owners find the best feeding solutions for their horses. We offer free diet analysis and nutrition advice. The ration analysis service is an invaluable tool in analysing feedstuffs and ensuring the diet is balanced in energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Microsteed is a nutritional analysis program developed by KER. It takes the guess work out of choosing the right diet for your horse. By analysing the ingredients of your horse's feed and taking into account such things as age, workload, horse type and body condition, it can help you design a feed program that fits all your horse's daily requirements. Your horse's current diet can be analysed and then modified to ensure that the horse receives the correct balance of nutrients for his/her needs. Whether you have a high performance horse, broodmare or pleasure hack, a Milne Feeds diet analysis can help you to get the most out of your feed program.

For your free diet analysis simply fill in the information on the diet request form. Remember, for an accurate analysis provide the most accurate and up to date information as possible. Scroll down to download the diet analysis form.

Nutrition Advisors from Milne Feeds regularly attend local riding and pony clubs and hold talks and demonstrations on equine nutrition and feeding practices. These workshops can include individual diet analysis and weighing the participants' horses on Milne Feeds' portable scales.

For Breeding Farms

Milne Feeds cater for owners and managers of major breeding farms. Breeding farms can benefit from Milne Feeds after sales service including:

  • Technical expertise in design of practical, cost effective feed programs to maximise health and productivity and achieve optimum growth and development.
  • Application of international KER experience developed in feeding growing horses and mares of many breeds around the globe.
  • Use of innovative Gro-Trac and Microsteed software for growth monitoring and design of diets.
  • Fine tuning individual diets during sales prep.
  • Access to up to date research information from the KER research farm.

Nutrition Advisors can visit the farm and discuss feeding programs.

Breeding farms can also make use of Gro-Trac, a state-of-the-art software program. Gro-Trac is a sophisticated yet simple way to track the growth of foals and young horses. Regular measurements of height and weight can be used to generate growth curves, compare young horses within a farm to foal crops of previous years, and contrast a farm’s foals with their peers from regional and national averages. Identifying and minimizing periods of excessively fast or slow growth helps to eliminate problems with developmental orthopedic disease.

For those breeders who do not have their own weighing system, but would like to make use of Gro-trac, Milne Feeds can further assist by using their portable scales on farms to weigh horses.

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