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Garth Camm -Brooking Springs Station

At Brooking Springs I have used CalfGro® pellets for the last three years with good results. Come August and after I have finished much of the first round, I will wean calves down as low as 50-60 Kgs. I bring them back close to the homestead and place them in a paddock with some green pick and free access to CalfGro® pellets, which I have in small feeders. I will keep them on the CalfGro® pellets for 4-5 weeks. When I see that their coats have changed from “rough and hairy” to “smooth and shiny” and I notice that the “poddy calf” belly has gone and they have put on weight, I draft the weaners off the pellets and send then out to look after themselves. I make a point of drafting the calves off the pellets every two weeks.

I hard wean and feed CalfGro® pellets during the August to early October period, to reduce the need for a second round muster, at least on some of the country. I see no point in mustering a paddock in September and turning the little calves back out with their mums, only to have to bring them in in 3-5 weeks time as part of a second round. It avoids mis-mothering and by taking the calves off the cow, it does help to maintain cow condition which this should help with getting them back in calf.

Last year I early weaned and fed on CalfGro® pellets about 250-300 calves and I will probably do a similar thing this year. It is simple to do and I have shown myself that it is a good way to look after calves even as small as 50-60 Kgs and I reduce the paddocks that need a second round.