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Pegasus - BMC now in selected Pegasus Feeds

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Milne Feeds are committed to providing the equine community with premium quality feed solutions that encorporate the latest advances in equine nutrition.  We are pleased to be able to bring WA horse owners the benefits of the research proven KER Buffered Mineral Complex (BMC) in selected Pegasus feeds. 

BMC is the main constituent of KER's stand alone supplement, Triacton.  Inclusion of BMC™ (Buffered Mineral Complex) in horse feeds provides three key research proven benefits to horses:

(1) improved gastric health;

(2) improved hindgut health; and

(3)improved bone density.

BMC™ has been shown in research studies conducted by Kentucky Equine Research (KER) to serve as a potent buffer in both the stomach and large intestine and is also a key component of a new supplement shown to increase bone density. Reducing acid load in both regions of the gut is important to maintain a healthy GI tract. Limestone (calcium carbonate) is a feed ingredient commonly used as a source of calcium and which has some ability to buffer acid. BMC contains several bioavailable minerals and, when included in horse feed, serves as an alternative to limestone as a calcium source while providing greaterbuffering capacity throughout the digestive tract.

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For further information read the BMC article, and research study.