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Dry Season Feeding Solutions?

WA farmers have always had cheap oats to feed sheep. Despite oats not being a nutritionally balanced feed and having significant wastage (up to 25%), they have been fed because of their affordability, being less than $200/T. That has now changed and so must the way that livestock are fed.

Starting this summer with a nutritionally balanced, proven feed in the form of a Milne’s Feeds “Easy” pelleted ration, makes real sense and takes the out the guess work associated with feeding a home grain mix ration.

Milne Feeds have a full range of Easy Feeding options with EasyOne®, EasyLick®, EasyEwe® and EasyBeef®, which give all sheep and cattle producer’s products that will provide them with the best feed option both nutritionally and in dollar value. With a diverse regional network of depots around the state, sheep and beef producers can access a proven pellet close to home.

It’s critical that ewes return to a body condition score (BCS) of 3 as soon as possible, so they can be in their best condition to maximise their reproductive performance at their next joining.

All retained breeding ewes are highly valuable and it’s best to start feeding earlier, rather than risk stock losing BCS and then requiring extra feed to again reach BCS 3 for joining.

Once ewes are in BCS 3 it’s vital they retain this condition right through to joining, as any ewe in a lower BCS after a very long summer, will struggle to rear a live lamb in 2016, will have a reduced likelihood of bearing twins and will become a high mortality risk themselves. Too many lambs and ewes die at lambing and this can be reduced by feeding a balanced Milne Feeds pelleted ration.

The secret this year will be to lift your ewes BCS early by trail feeding EasyOne® or EasyEwe® or feeding EasyLick in feeders, so when your stubbles are ready, they can make the most of the highly palatable feed, be in optimal condition and primed for joining.

As stubbles are eaten down, effective supplementary feeding will need to kick in, to keep your ewes going forward up and into the opening break of 2016. EasyOne® and EasyLick® are both ideal for ewes when they come off stubbles.

Weaners will need plenty of TLC from now on, before stubbles become available.  Starting them off early is vital as they can be slow to get onto feed if any unseasonal events occur (e.g. extreme temperatures, thunder storms). Being prepared and having your lambs back grounded on their EasyOne® or EasyLick® before they are transitioned onto pellets will maximise their growth and performance.

Providing supplementary feed with all the essential vitamins and minerals, together with a balance of protein and energy, will ensure confidence in your feeding program, knowing that your sheep will maximise their performance and condition.

After supplementary feeding in many paddocks over the summer it’s a great comfort knowing no noxious or herbicide resistant weeds have been spread around your property when using Milne Feeds’ pellets.

Handy feeding hints:

  1. Start feeding early, 200 g/head/day will go a long way to boosting your ewe’s recovery rate.
  2. Weaners must be back grounded properly to avoid shy feeder


When it comes to cattle, EasyBeef® has been sucessfully used to finish cattle for the past nine years. Producers have found EasyBeef® to be safe in that no introduction is required and cattle can be put on and taken off EasyBeef® as required. Cattle in a feedlot do grow from Day 1 resulting in shorter feeding periods, less feed being required to finish an animal and hence better Feed Conversion Rates.


A growing number of cattle producers are turning to EasyBeef® as the best way to feed other classes of cattle on their farms.

EasyBeef® is ideal for yard weaning. When fed with some hay, calves will start eating the EasyBeef® pellets and receive the energy boost that they need to adjust to the weaning process. Feedlot buyers prefer calves that have been yard weaned onto a product such as EasyBeef®.

Cattle producers have been trail feeding 1-3 kgs/head/day of EasyBeef® to yearling cattle, in preference to rolling out bales of hay. They know that it is of consistent quality, that everything is eaten – no wastage. As EasyBeef® is safe to feed, yearlings can be trail fed 2-4 times a week.

At the current prices, every heifer needs to get pregnant. Empties are not an option. EasyBeef® when fed as a supplement (1-3 kgs/head/day) will ensure that maiden heifers reach mating weights on time, ensuring higher conception rates. EasyBeef® should be used in all AI programs to ensure high conception rates.

 Cows in late pregnancy and with a calf at foot, need energy and protein. EasyBeef®, trail fed to cows will give them what they need to ensure good calf growth. Prior to mating, cows can also be fed EasyBeef to ensure good conception rates. Empties are not an option.

When feeding EasyBeef®, you get what you pay for and you know what you are feeding. Every pellet has a minimum of 14.5% CP and 11 MJ of energy, but it also has the minerals (P, Ca, Cu, Se, Zn) and the vitamins ( A, D and E), that all cattle need to ensure high production levels.

Cattle prices are good, so now is the time to change the way that you feed your cattle, if you wish to get as many saleable animals as possible

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