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Milne’s Easy Autumn Feeding Options for Sheep

This year is now shaping up as a tough one for sheep feed as the early break is now rapidly fading away in an April heat wave.

Breeding ewes are the engine room of our industry and represent a huge capital investment; THEREFORE they must be protected.  Don’t let your lambing ewes Condition Score slip below 2.7 while they are chasing a green pick as the costs of putting condition back on for lambing are much higher than holding them at CS 3.

It’s time to re-check your feed budget to make sure this year has a limited impact on the next. Keeping mortality rates low and look after breeding ewes is going to be the key to a successful lambing. Confinement feeding may become an option as the green re-growth stubbles get eaten out.    

EasyOne® and EasyLick® are both cost effective feed solutions for your sheep as they do not require any introduction period.  EasyOne® is a 9mm pellet which can be fed in self-feeders and has the added versatility of also being suitable for trail feeding.  Easylick ® is a 4mm pellet, which has been specifically designed for use in lick feeders.  EasyOne® and EasyLick® provide a complete balanced ration containing all the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals for optimum health.

These innovative products provide real cost effective options and flexibility for farmers evaluating their feeding strategies late in autumn.

For each additional condition score at joining, on average, 20 more lambs are conceived per 100 ewes joined. Studies have also shown low ewe condition score at joining, significantly lowers weaning percentage. Holding breeding ewes in CS 3 is the proven way to lift both lambing and weaning percentages and reduce ewe and lamb morality rates.

For weaners to stay healthy they need to be gaining weight even 50 g/h/d will significantly increase their chances of survival. Trail feeding EasyOne®  or using Lick feeders with EasyLick® will give your weaners the best chance to get through in good condition until the new season pastures are established.

EasyOne®  and EasyLick® provide a safe, more cost effective alternative to lupins that can be trail fed, fed out in self- feeders or in lick feeders.  Ewes can be placed straight onto EasyOne® and EasyLick® ensuring they get the nutrient boost they need for lambing. EasyOne® and EasyLick® provide a balanced ration containing energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.  They can be fed without the risk of spreading weed seeds i.e. radish, doublegee and herbicide resistant ryegrass.       

Pellets ain’t pellets. There are many examples of poor growth of sheep fed on cheap pellets and just as many examples of sheep and cattle suffering from acidosis from eating pellets that are not made with the technology used by Milne Feeds, to ensure that stock can be fed safely. Milne Feeds has invested many years of research and development into EasyOne® and EasyLick® to ensure that farmers can feed their livestock with the confidence that they will perform well and importantly will not suffer any ill effects of feeding. They are now the leading pelleted feed fed by WA sheep producers and have a strong track record. Don’t risk your sheep’s health or performance on a “cheap” pellet because pellets ain’t pellets. There can be a great deal of difference.

Milne Feeds understands every livestock producer requires different quantities of feed and its depot network allow producers to obtain what they require, when they need it.  The company now has 15 depots
located throughout the State for producers’ convenience.  The depots are: Narrogin, Katanning, Boyup Brook, Dongara, Cunderdin, Moora, Jerramungup, Esperance, Albany, Bruce Rock, Margaret River, Kununoppin, Tenterden, Pingaring and Donnybrook.    Alternatively feed can be purchased direct from Perth and delivery can be arranged to your farm.

Call Milne Feeds sheep feed specialist, Reg Crabb, on 0428 009 288 to discuss how these options can work for you.