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Nutritional Analysis
Nutrients Dry matter basis
Crude Protein (min) 21%
Metabolisable Energy (est) 12.0 MJ/kg
Crude Fibre (max) 20%
Magnesium Oxide (min) 1.0%
Selenium 600ug
Natural Essential Oil (min) 100mg

EasyGrass is a nutritionally balanced 9mm pellet designed for pasture-fed cattle. It meets Certified Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System nutritional requirements (PCAS). EasyGrass® is a safe, high performance feed designed for optimal weight gain and feed conversion.

Milne Feeds is a family owned, leading producer of pelleted feed & has been servicing producers in WA for over 100 years. EasyGrass is a newly developed, nutritionally balanced 9mm pellet, which is specifically formulated to meet the certified Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System (PCAS) feeding requirements. This allows growers to maintain their grass-fed or pasture raised cattle claim for any of their cattle heard fed EasyGrass. EasyGrass includes magnesium oxide to aid against dark cutting & enriched natural essential oils to ensure a desirable rumen microflora for optimal growth performance & health

Why EasyGrass is So Easy for Pasture Fed Cattle




Certified Pasturefed

Products Arrow Image Holistically tailored ration which meets the requirements of the Australian Certified Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System (PCAS) for grass-fed or pasture raised cattle.

Nutritionally balanced ration

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Meets the protein, energy and mineral requirements for optimum growth and feed conversion

Faster adaption period

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Cattle can be fed ad lib from Day 1

High energy density

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Enhances weight gain and provides efficient feed conversion

Natural Essential Oils

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Ionophore free, containing a unique blend of micro-encapsulated natural essential oils for imrpoved health and performance  

Quality assured vitamin/trace mineral premix

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Provides the essential vitamins and minerals required to sustain weaner health and growth.

Pelleted feed

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Prevents wastage and ensuresconsumption of all nutritional components

No ingredient separation

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Even nutrient blend received by each animal.

Raw material standards

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High quality and safety of ingredients. Feed produced in a FeedSafe® accredited mill


Ingredient Information

Lupins, straw/husk, canola meal, canola oil, molasses, limesand, magnesium oxide, dicalcium phosphate, vitamin/trace mineral premix, micro-encapsulated natural essential oil blend.

Feeding Directions

EasyGrass® can be fed ad lib in self-feeders or in troughs from Day 1 without the risk of acidosis.

It is recommended that EasyGrass® be fed to cattle on pasture.  

Ensure that clean, fresh water is available at all times. 

Expected feed intake may vary depending on pasture availability and quality, but is not expected to exceed 2.5% - 3.0% of liveweight.