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As the leading stock feed producer in Western Australia for over 100 years, we have built a reputation for technical excellence in product development and production.  Our extensive Research & Development programme is focused on delivering innovative feed solutions that create profit opportunities for our customers.

Milne Feeds has a strong Technology division that, along with our Research & Development team, are continually developing and improving our products.  Our technical expertise in developing feed solutions is thoroughly supported by an extensive programme of trials run in accordance with Animal Ethics approval. All our new feeds are tested extensively in trials. The trials are conducted using a number of formats including individual animals, small pen trials and commercial scale trials. Every trial is closely managed by experienced stock persons.  The results of these trials are collated and analysed and used for developing our rations.  Customers can be confident that when we say a product will perform, we have the research to support it.

Unique to Milne Feeds is our revolutionary Hyfibe® technology.  Milne Hyfibe® technology was developed following a major R&D program and provides ruminants with a balanced, safe feed, that delivers cost effective production of meat, milk and fibre and increases the profit of producers.  Our Hyfibe® technology neutralises the build up of lactic acid in the rumen and maximizes the microbial population, allowing optimum growth and production.  All our products have provided each respective livestock sector with cutting edge feed solutions and, in many cases, revolutionised traditional feeding practices.  Our team of dedicated nutrition experts is continually striving to improve our existing products and develop new generation feed solutions.

Milne Feeds understands that horses require specialised nutrition.  That’s why we have a long term alliance with international equine nutrition experts Kentucky Equine Research.  Kentucky Equine Research (KER) is an internationally recognised equine nutrition research and consultation company, that services both the feed industry and the horse owner. KER conduct equine nutritional research studies on their purpose built farm in Kentucky, USA.  They use this research to consult to feed mills around the globe on feed formulation.  In Western Australia, KER works exclusively with Milne Feeds to formulate the high quality range of Pegasus horse feeds. Together, Milne and KER provide WA with readily available, locally produced, top quality feeds that incorporate the latest research and production technology.

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