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Greg Doyle - Wylivere Farm, Corrigin

Greg Doyle is a happy man!  Not only is the sheep industry booming but he now has two of his three kids back on the farm.

Following Ben’s return a few years ago, the more recent arrival of Tess with husband James & daughter Ivy has allowed Greg to expand the family-run operation with the recent purchase of an additional 1,400 ha close by the original farm “Wylivere” first settled & cleared by the family in 1949.  Speaking to them recently, it seems like everyone has found their niche.  After studying Accounting in Perth, Ben is starting to assume greater responsibility over the books while Tess’s husband James, who is new to farming, is a qualified diesel mechanic whose skill set is a huge bonus for the operation.  In addition to keeping the boys in line & looking after daughter Ivy, Tess runs her own web-based jewellery business called We Own The Night which sells jewellery personally designed by Tess.

Overall, they now farm around 8,200 ha with a mix of 60% crop & 40% sheep.  On the issue of 100% cropping, Greg insists he has always been a passionate sheep man. “It never entered my mind to get rid of sheep. It just didn’t make sense from a business point of view.” The family currently runs around 9,000 head with a self-replacement flock of 5,400 ewes with plans to increase numbers significantly after lambing this year.

On the topic of feeding, Greg credits a mate for putting the idea of pellets in his head.  “Originally, I only fed lupins but, no matter where or how I fed them, the results where poor & I’d get contamination in the following year’s crops. EasyOne® has become a real management tool.  There’s no wastage, I don’t have to worry about contamination & I know they’ll maintain condition.”  Which brings us to the point of talking to Greg who returned to using EasyOne® after trying another brand of pellet.  “There was such a big difference in price that I had to try them.  They (competitor’s pellet) just didn’t measure up.  They were too dusty to trail feed & the performance was poor so we switched back to EasyOne®.”

With prices for all classes of sheep soaring, it’s more important than ever to feed a rigorously tested & proven pellet.  Every batch of EasyOne® is thoroughly tested for protein levels, energy, nutritional value & pellet durability.  And, EasyOne® is a completely balanced ration that requires no adaptation so it won’t cause acidosis.