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  • Feeding Cows and Heifers = More Calves

Rain in November, December and then again in January for some regions, has greatly reduced the nutritive value of annual pastures. If they have not done so already, the recent heat, combined with the poor quality pastures will see many cows start to go back in condition. With bulls being purchased and mating not too far away, now is the time to be thinking about body condition and how to ensure that cows and importantly heifers are on a rising plane of nutrition prior to mating.

Improving Body Condition

For cows and heifers that have gone backwards in the last month, simply feeding rolls of hay will not turn things around. Cereal hay is fine for maintenance but it is probably not going to put condition on cows and heifers, considering the relatively poor quality of the rain affected pastures. If something is not done in the near future to improve body condition, conception rates will be impacted on, resulting in more empties and less calves for sale at the end of the year.

EasyBeef - The simple solution for feeding cows and heifers

  • Unlike feeding grain, EasyBeef is a simple and safe way to feed cows and heifers.
  • No milling is required.
  • EasyBeef can be safely fed to cattle from Day 1.
  • Cows and heifers can be trail fed EasyBeef 3-4 times a week. The 9mm diameter 20-30mm long EasyBeef pellet are easy to find on the ground and is not wasted.
  • EasyBeef can be fed in troughs if you so wish.
  • EasyBeef provides all the Energy, Protein, Minerals & Vitamins that cows and heifers need to improve their body condition.
  • Feeding 3-5kgs a day will ensure good forward condition is achieved.
  • EasyBeef is cheaper than lupins and provides a balanced ration.
  • EasyBeef - for ensuring successful artificial insemination programs

    AI breeding programs are a great way to improve the genetics of your herd. When they do not work successfully it is generally not the semen quality, or the inseminators technique that is at fault. It is often the fact that the cows and heifers are not on a rising plane of nutrition at the time of mating. Feeding 3-5 kgs/day for 4-5 weeks prior to an AI program will give you every chance of getting the conception results that you need to justify the cost of the AI program. Taking short cuts by assuming that body condition is OK, may give disappointing results.

    For more information on managing Heifers see this Ag Dept Webpage.

    Stocks of EasyBeef® are available NOW from Perth (1800 199574) and our depots

    For more information on EasyBeef call Dean Maughan on 0419 047 417.