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Gee Gee's Horse Bedding

Gee Gee's Horse Bedding natural pine wood pellets are a convenient, easy to use stable bedding product, suitable for all types of horses.




Natural, dried pine wood pellet

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Made from dried pine wood, processed into a pellet for easy use


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Pellets makes Gee Gee's a convenient product that is easy to store and transport

Great expanded volume

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When water is added, Gee Gee's pellets expand up to 5 times the original size, making a soft, fluffy bedding

Highly absorbent

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Gee Gee's has a high, laboratory tested absorbency rate

Nautral odour control

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Fresh smelling pine helps to manage odours and deter insects

Environmentally friendly and Biodegradable 

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Sourced from sustainable pine sources, Gee Gee's is naturally bioderadable

Cost Effective

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An economical bedding solution

Made in WA

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Manufactured in WA, saving transportation costs



Natural, dried pine woodchips.

Usage Directions

Empty a number of bags of Gee Gee’s to cover the stable floor depending on your desired bedding thickness.  Hydrated Gee Gee’s will expand to approx 5 times the volume.

Spray dry pellets with water until soaked. (Use approx 1 part water to 3 parts Gee Gee’s)

Stand back and watch the pellets expand (allow 5-10 minutes)

Turn the pellets over with a stable fork to ‘fluff up’ and bring unbroken pellets to the surface for further breakdown

 Apply more water to further expand / breakdown the pellets if necessary

 Pellets will break up and form a soft, sawdust style beddingTo maintain the bed, top up with individual bags as necessary

A daily, light spray of water can be applied during warmer months to assist with dust reduction