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Maximize returns from your livestock in 2012

With harvest and school holidays finally behind us it's time to take a serious look at our ewes and plan for a successful lambing. Planning to succeed means working out a feed budget so you know how much feed your stock require during pregnancy and lambing. The dry feed is rapidly deteriorating and all pregnant ewes will require a steady increase in nutrition to ensure the best chance of rearing live lambs.

This year's lambing is going to be the first stage of re-building our states sheep flock. The Life Time Ewe Management program has clearly demonstrated good nutrition is the key to lifting lambing percentage and ewe survival rates.  The sheep industry has a dismal record in lambing percentages with no improvement over the past twenty years.

Meat is a major part of sheep income; there has never been more incentive to look after ewes to lift breeding performance. Frequently ewes are mated and left to fend for themselves until just before lambing, when supplementary feeding is started in earnest. For many ewes this is too late, as the damage has been done. Ewes are now extremely valuable and it’s never made more sense to feed our ewes

Backed by years of research, Milne Feeds’ products (EasyOne, EasyLick and EasyBeef) will maximize production rates and paternal performance in producers sheep and cattle.  Research indicates ewes in a higher condition at joining and lambing wean up to 20 more lambs per 100, than ewes one Body Condition Score (BCS) lighter.  To maintain 60kg ewes in BCS 3 to 3.5 they require a ration consisting of approximately 9MJ/kg energy and nine percent protein.  During pregnancy these figures increase to 11MJ/kg and 10pc protein.  With 11MJ/kg energy and at 14.5pc protein EasyLick and EasyOne are the ideal solution.

EasyOne and EasyLick are two high quality balanced rations, which can be safely fed to ewes and lambs, without the need for adaptation or supplementary hay.  This ensures sheep put on condition without the potential set back of acidosis, often seen when eating traditional grain supplements.  EasyLick is produced as a 4 mm diameter pellet and has been specifically made for use in adjustable lick feeders. EasyOne is a 9mm diameter pellet and while it can be fed with a feeder, it has the added versatility of being suitable for trail feeding.  Feed trials conducted with EasyLick and EasyOne have achieved weight gains up to 500 grams per head/day.  Feed conversion results have improved with good quality crossbred lambs converting 4.5:1 and Milne Feeds believes finishing good prime lambs in a well managed feedlot, should achieve feed conversions of 5:1.

Milne Feeds also produces EasyBeef, which is a safe high performance complete feed for cattle.  Steers weighing 300kg require between 10MJ/kg and 10pc protein, while dry cows require 7MJ/kg and 6pc protein and these requirements can easily be met by EasyBeef’s composition of 11.0MJ/kg and 14.5pc protein.    Although EasyBeef is a safe ration, it is recommended cattle have unrestricted access to hay during the initial 10 days of feeding, after which time hay can be reduced or removed. EasyBeef is supplied as a 9mm diameter pellet and its firm nature ensures wastage is minimised. Feed trials conducted with EasyBeef with trade cattle have achieved average weight gains up to 2.2 kgs per head/day over 70 days and a feed conversion of 5.3:1.  Milne Feeds believes finishing good quality trade steers in a well managed feedlot, should achieve feed conversions of 6.5:1.

Milne Feeds understands every livestock producer requires different quantities of feed and its depot network allow producers to obtain what they require, when they need it.  The company now has 14 depots located throughout the State for producers’ convenience click here to find your closest.

The depots are: Narrogin, Katanning, Boyup Brook, Dongara, Cunderdin, Moora, Jerramungup, Esperance, Albany, Bruce Rock, Margaret River, Kununoppin, Tenterden and Pingaring. Alternatively feed can be purchased direct from Perth and delivered to farm.

So call Milne Feeds today to discuss how it can assist on 1800 199 574 or visit the contact us page.