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Oakford Equestrian Center - Jump Cross Course

Oakford Equestrian Centre was first set up by Michael in 2000. 

Approximately three years ago when Michael was visiting good friend and WA Olympian, Clayton Fredericks, in Florida he spent some time at Clayton’s cross-country training facility and was impressed by the variety and range of jumps. 

Michael thought there was a real need for a cross country training facility for eventers south of the river and so was very keen to set up a facility similar to Claytons for southerners. 

Clayton, who is a qualified international course designer, had designed a number of the jumps and agreed to allow Michael to replicate those in Australia and offered to send his fence builder out to Australia to assist Michael with getting some of the cross country jumps built.

Clayton introduced Michael to his jump constructor, Mo von Roeder, from Canada and the following summer Mo came to Australia and spent six weeks in Perth building cross country jumps for Oakford Equestrian.

The first year of the Oakford Cross Country course was a huge success with many riders enjoying the variety of jumps and the lovely going. 

Michael then decided to get Mo out for another summer and another batch of cross country jumps were created to further develop the course. 

Michael has focused primarily on constructing the narrow, more technical jumps, and they are in a variety of heights to assist in the training of young horses. 

Such is the quality of the Oakford cross-country training facilities that it has become the "go to" venue for a number of experienced coaches including Stuart Tinney, Clayton Fredericks, Harry Meade, Megan Jones and Lucinda Green. 

Interestingly, Lucinda very kindly sent an unsolicited email to Oakford Equestrian commenting that the course had the greatest variety of jumps of any venue she had seen in Australia, which was a lovely compliment from such an experienced international equestrian. 

The Oakford Equestrian team have have also created the very popular Oakford Jump Cross series. 

This Oakford Jump Cross is loosely based on The Hickson family's Eventing in the Park and has become the "must do" event  early in the season and is particularly focused on encouraging less experienced horses and riders, and allowing everyone to have a go. 

The Oakford Equestrian team have some exciting plans for the Oakford cross-country course including a new Lake-style Waterjump, steps and a new coffin complex. 

Milne are proud to support local equestrian sports. Keep an eye out for the Milne Feeds Water Jump at the Oakford Cross Country Course.