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LILO FORE CLINIC – Judy Weber and Bello Gallico

 Judy Weber shares some of her training experiences from the recent Lilo Fore clinic.

'Bello and I were fortunate to have two lessons with Lilo.  In the first lesson Lilo worked on thoroughness, collection and connection within the movements, particularly the canter pirouette work.

The second lesson was on the Monday with coaches being part of the observation and discussion process.  Lilo was happy with the progress of the training and told me his training was correct, so I chose to work on basic transitions within the paces and accuracy within the circle.

I found this to be especially helpful, as working on the movements themselves doesn’t really help your basic way of going.  During the lesson we achieved a better degree of collection through many, many transitions.  The exercises below were very helpful which I would like to share with you.

Trot shoulder-in down the long side, making sure you start from a really good corner.  Choose your marker and walk a few strides in s-i then back to trot, repeating the exercise several times until you can achieve softer, more engaged and uphill trot.  The proof of this exercise is when you then come from s-i to half-pass and can maintain a parallel and smooth collection across the arena.

The exercises were interspersed with breaks for Bello and discussion with Lilo.

The other exercise I thought was very good was for the pirouettes.  Firstly at walk making the half-pirouette off the long side and proceeding straight, not deviating back to the wall.  Then in canter, through a perfect corner, turn on quarter line, straight, canter straight then turn a quarter pirouette back to the long side, in other words riding a very long rectangle.  Being accurate and turning on the quarter line  meant being able to have Bello more engaged and making sure the collection followed through.

Lilo commented on what a beautiful horse Bello is, how clean his changes are and his great ability for collection as we aim higher. We keep Bello in top performance condition with Pegasus Sweetmax, and the help of nutrition advice from Michelle Meylan.

Lilo reinforced everything I strive for when training Bello and I finished the lesson feeling more confident with some great tools to use.  I am very lucky to have been able to enjoy this memorable experience and cannot recommend her highly enough.  A huge thanks to Dressage WA and all the people who worked so hard to bring her here.'