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Why Feed Oats?

With $320-350/T plus, currently being offered for oats, this could be the year to not make oaten hay, harvest ALL your oats and put the cash in the bank. The money can then be used to purchase a balanced sheep feed as required, resulting in improved sheep performance and sales value.

When trail feeding oats 15-20% can be left wasted on the ground and 5-7% can remain undigested, passing straight through the animal. Taking this wastage into account, the actual cost of the oats that is utilised by sheep could be in excess of $400/T. Typically oat grain mixes have variable protein and don’t contain the essential minerals and vitamins to gain the most benefits from supplementary feeding.

Feed a balanced ration

The economics of feeding Milne’s Easy pelleted feeds, which are optimally balanced for protein, energy, minerals and vitamins, including selenium & vitamin E, have never been so good.

  • EasyOne and EasyEwe can be trail fed with minimal ground wastage and no undigested losses.
  • Sheep must chew the pellets which prevents “gutsy overfeeders”, allowing all sheep equal access to graze the pellets
  • EasyOne and EasyEwe are providing balanced and consistent quality feed.
  • EasyLick has all the benefits of EasyOne and is ideal for lick feeders.
  • The Milne Easy range is a proven performer, maximising performance with no weed seeds.

Consistent, balanced nutrition lifts profitability – make the change

If you have never fed a balanced ration before due to feeding your own cheap oats, then now is the time to make a change. Feeding Milne’s Easy pellets will improve profitability by increasing lamb survival rates and reducing ewe mortality. Give it a go, because at the current prices for oats, you have nothing to lose by make making the change to Milne’s Easy pellets.



Early season price offer

Having made the decision to not make hay, to sell your oats and to feed a Milne Easy balanced pellet, you can now forward contract your pellet requirements, giving you the peace of mind that you require.

Call Milne Feeds sheep feed specialist, Reg Crabb, on 0428 009 288 to discuss how these options can work for you.