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Pegasus feeds are our premium brand, quality rations formulated specifically for Western Australian conditions. Each feed provides all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for optimal health and fitness. No additional vitamin or mineral supplementation is required when fed according to recommendations.

Pegasus feeds contain high levels of fat for cool energy and a natural yeast culture to enhance digestion and mineral absorption. Pegasus feeds are made from a premium blend of quality grains and ingredients to maximise finished feed quality and palatability.

In keeping with the latest research developments, selected Pegasus feeds now contain KER BMC, a buffered mineral complex that is research proven to improve bone density, provide gastric buffering and reduce hindgut pH. Find out more about BMC here.

Pegasus feeds are formulated and supported by the nutritional expertise of Kentucky Equine Research. The combination of KER’s latest research into equine nutrition and Milne Feeds superior feed mill technology ensures Pegasus remains the premium feed of choice for Western Australian horse people.

Read more about horse feed analysis.

Milne Feeds also offers our Equine feed users the following benefits:

  • Technical expertise in design of practical, cost effective feed programs or solving nutrition related problems.
  • Application of international KER experience developed in feeding growing horses and mares of many breeds around the globe.
  • Use of innovative Gro-Trac and Microsteed software for growth monitoring and design of diets.
  • Fine tuning individual diets during sales or show prep.
  • Fully declared product specifications with high levels of vitamins and minerals, specially formulated for WA conditions.
  • Wide experience in designing feeding programs to maximise health and productivity and achieving optimum growth and development.
  • Feed produced in a Feedsafe® accredited mill.

Pegasus Product listing

Short Decription: Performax® is a high energy complete feed designed to meet the nutritional demands of performance, race and sport horses for peak performance.
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Short Decription: Equibalance is a premium equine supplement designed to balance grain and supply the nutritional requirements of performance, race and sport horses.
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Short Decription: Coolmax is a cool energy oat free feed designed to meet the nutritional requirements of pleasure, show and sport horses and ponies.
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Short Decription: Studmaster is a premium quality, complete equine feed designed to meet the nutritional requirements of brood mares, stallions and growing horses.
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Short Decription: Pegasus Liberty is a high fat, high fibre, low starch nut, that reduces the horse’s reliance on energy from grain.
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Short Decription: Pegasus Sweetmax is a premium, oat-free, muesli 'sweet' feed designed to meet the nutritional demands of peak performance, race and sport horses.
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Team Pegasus
Short Decription: The Team Pegasus riders are Western Australian riders and trainers who have been selected to represent Pegasus Feeds based on their positive personal attributes and successful equestrian activity
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BMC in Pegasus Feeds
Short Decription: BMC in Pegasus Feeds Exciting developments in nutrition for sound bone growth and gastrointestinal buffering - Milne are please to collaborate with partner KER to bring customers the research proven KER Buffered Mineral Complex (BMC) in selected Pegasus feeds.
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Pegasus Product Manager

Michelle Meylan

Michelle Meylan has been actively involved in the horse industry in sales, coaching and competition for over 15 years. Michelle joined Milne Feeds in 2004 and has been providing nutrition and sales support to our Equine customers. Milne Feeds is committed to providing complete nutritional support to our Equine customers, so Michelle spends part of her time working individually with horse owners and trainers to devise the best diets for their horses through our free ration analysis program. Michelle works closely with Kentucky Equine Research (KER) to keep up to date with the latest developments in equine nutrition and feeding management. As a horse owner herself she combines these resources with her practical experience to assist owners, trainers and breeders achieve the best results possible. Michelle can be contacted on 0429 107 790.

Feeding Guides

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