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Milne Feeds changed the rules for feeding sheep with the launch of EasyOne, a 9mm pellet in 2005. Its unique Hyfibe technology minimises the risk of acidocis (grain poisoning) for lambs and sheep and delivers more liveweight gain, quicker and cheaper without compromising quality. We eliminated the need for a starter and finisher feed and our feed solution gets lambs to market quicker and safer. Today, EasyOne is the market leading product in Western Australia and is now available in a 4mm version suitable for lick feeders. Our sheep feed solutions have now been extended with EasyWay, a pellet that replaces hay. EasyWay is available in a 9mm pellet. Milne have also developed a cost effective feed solution for ewes, EasyEwe, a 9mm pellet designed to be fed to ewes at any stage of pregnancy.

To view some commonly asked questions regarding sheep feed, visit the Sheep Frequently Asked Questions.

Sheep Product listing

EasyOne Picture
Short Decription: All in one safe high performance ration for finishing lambs and feeding to ewes.
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Lambgro Picture
Short Decription: LambGro is a nutritionally balanced 4mm or 9mm pellet containing the necessary energy, protein, calcium and phosphorus to maximise lamb growth and increase survival rates.
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EasyLick Picture
Short Decription: nutritionally balanced 4mm pellet, designed to be fed to ewes and lambs in lick-feeders.
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Easyewe Picture
Short Decription: nutritionally balanced 9mm pellet, designed to be fed to ewes at any stage of pregnancy.
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Sheep Product Manager

Milne Feeds are market leaders in Sheep feed and nutritional solutions for all types of sheep farming operations. Our dedicated product managers and sheep specialists are happy to discuss your particular requirements and assist in answering any queries. Please contact us on 9351 0726 or by click on the call button below.

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