EasyWay® is a safe, palatable, cost effective 9mm pellet, designed to be fed as a maintenance ration for sheep. It is a high fibre ration which will maintain mature sheep.



Reduces waste
Pelleted ration ensures normal levels of wastage associated with feeding hay is minimised.
Less dust
Ration is supplied as a robust, durable pellet.
Easy to feed
9mm pellet can be trail fed or delivered into self-feeders or troughs.
High fibre
No risk of acidosis and maintains a healthy rumen.
Maintenance energy
and protein levels
Maintains live weight of mature sheep.
No ingredient separation
Even nutrient blend received by each sheep.
Easy to store
Can be stored in sheds, ventilated silo’s or bunkers.
Quality assured
vitamin/trace mineral premix
Provides vitamins and trace minerals to meet the maintenance requirements of sheep.
Raw material receival
High quality and safety of ingredients for quality assurance.
Least cost formulation
Better value for your feed dollar.

Ingredient Information

Cereal straw, cereal by-products, lupins, limesand, vitamin/trace mineral premix, micro-encapsulated natural essential oil blend.

Feeding Directions

EasyWay® Hay Replacer is a safe, high fibre ration that requires no additional roughage to be fed. Will provide maintenance for mature sheep but will require additional protein and energy for young, actively growing lambs and pregnant/lactating ewes. Expected feed intake will be about 2 to 3% of live-weight.

Nutritional Analysis

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Dry matter basis
Crude Protein (min)
Metabolisable Energy (est)
10.0 MJ/kg
Crude Fibre (max)
Vitamin E (added)
Natural Essential Oil