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Milne Feeds is a leading producer of pelleted feed and has been servicing livestock producers in WA for over 110 years.

Dedicated Customer Management

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With dedicated Product Managers for sheep, beef, dairy, and equine products, we work closely with customers to ensure our feed solutions meet your commercial needs and achieve the best results from your feed program. Each Product Manager has extensive experience in their field, ensuring advice you can trust and rely on.

From Dongara to Esperance, our feed solutions are available within approximately 100 kilometres of your farm. We have 14 depots conveniently located throughout WA, with each depot operated by a respected local community member - many of whom are Milne Feeds users themselves. Our Broome depot brings convenient feed supply to stations in the Kimberley region. We also offer an efficient delivery service from our Welshpool mill, supplying feed to farmers five days a week.

All our products adhere to strict standards that ensure specifications are met and quality is maintained. Our onsite, modern laboratory and analytical facilities allow us to produce, analyse, test, and document all ingredients used in our feed solutions.

Our expertly developed feed solutions are safe to feed, affordable to use and formulated to help your animals perform to their best. Our proven, industry-leading solutions focus on improved digestion and assist with energy conversion.

We are dedicated to being a leader in technical expertise and product development. Our Research & Development team continually develop and improve our products, with all new feeds subjected to rigorous trials.

We offer a range of products to suit all ruminants and horses, and our products are fine tuned to provide optimal nutrition. So, whether it is growth, performance, lactation, or a maintenance feed solution you require, there is a Milne Feeds product to meet your animals’ needs.

We are a major buyer of grain and other feed ingredients. This enables us to deliver competitive prices on both a spot basis and a forward basis. We help producers manage the risk of volatile grain prices to their best advantage.

Technical Expertise

As the leading stock feed producer in Western Australia for over 110 years, we have built a reputation for technical excellence in product development and production.

Our extensive Research & Development program is focused on delivering innovative feed solutions that create profit opportunities for our customers.

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Gain the insights, advice and tools to meet nutritional needs of your livestock

Customised Feed Plans

Our goal is to provide the nutritional and technical support that allows customers to receive the full benefits of our feed solutions. When you purchase Milne Feeds  products, our service doesn’t stop at the farm gate.

Grain Swap Program

Milne Feeds' grain swap program is very popular with growers and presents a great opportunity to convert your own grain crop into complete feed solutions.

Feed Analysis

Located within our Welshpool mill, Milne Feeds' state-of-the-art laboratories and technical services are designed to support the accurate measurement and evaluation of all ingredients and products.

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Corn Rules

Even the most casual grain market observer will be aware of the impact of corn on cereal prices. But how does a grain crop that barely registers a blip on the Australian production radar influence our prices so much?


What Our Customers are Saying

“We were very happy with the way Milne Feeds' swaps worked for us last year. We locked in a very good barley price and a competitive pellet price; but for us the main advantage was knowing we had 300 tonnes of EasyOne guaranteed, so if there was a run on pellets through the season our tonnage and price was locked away.”

“Milne Feeds provides products with the necessary ingredients, which meet the needs of our livestock management. They produce the type of feeds we need, 9mm for finishing our lambs in the feedlot and the 4mm for our lick feeders. 'The feed of the future today.'”

“I have been using Maximize for four years now. It has allowed me to get superior production from using a simple system.”

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Pegasus Feeds is our premium brand, quality rations formulated specifically for Western Australian conditions.

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