Who We Are

Milne Feeds is a division of Milne AgriGroup Pty Ltd, one of the largest integrated agribusiness groups in Western Australia.

Milne Feeds is at the heart of our group, with extensive expertise in animal nutrition and the development of safe feed for livestock. Milne Feeds evolved from a local produce store in 1910 to become the leading stockfeed manufacturer in Western Australia. We have built a reputation for technical excellence in product development and production.  Our objective is to provide a 'great feed solution' tailored to the situations of our customers. We adapt to fit with the market and environment, and strive to accommodate customers’ changing needs.

We work with thousands of farming families across WA to provide feed solutions that enable them to feed their animals safely, cost effectively and to market specification. As a family-owned company, we are in business for the long term and value our relationship with our customers.

Our rations are scientifically formulated by in-house nutritionists who are constantly investigating innovative feed formulations to ensure that Milne Feeds products incorporate the latest feed technology and research.  Each feed solution is nutritionally balanced using premium ingredients to meet the essential nutrient, vitamin, and mineral requirements to optimise animal health and performance. Milne Feeds' products do not contain hormonal growth promotants, so that meat and milk consumers can have complete confidence in the entire production chain.

We have a highly qualified technical team of animal nutritionists, a cereal chemist and other professionals with the most extensive laboratory and analytical capabilities of any stockfeed manufacturer in Western Australia. The technical team oversees our procurement and production programmes, and also works with livestock producers and our customers to develop great feed solutions.

We know how important it is to convert strong technical knowledge into practical solutions that can be understood and applied on-farm. For this reason, Milne Feeds has a Product Manager for each class of livestock. Our Product Managers are experienced professionals themselves, and also gain feedback and knowledge from our customers, with whom they network and share information.

The customers of Milne Feeds provide a valuable knowledge network that is of benefit to all. This is aided by our network of 13 bulk depots - in many cases operated by a customer. These depots enable customers to competitively source the exact bulk tonnage they need, when and where they want it. For smaller users, our extensive network of Stockfeed outlets means that our bagged product range is available throughout the state.

Milne Feeds is committed to being your feed company of choice by providing you with high quality products and tailoring a service designed to suit your needs.

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