Dedicated Customer Management

Milne Feeds is a market leader in sheep feed and nutritional solutions for all types of farming operations. Our dedicated Product Managers and Sheep Specialists are happy to discuss your particular requirements and assist in answering any queries.  Please contact us on 9351 0726 or 0428 009 288.

Sheep Product Manager

Brett Blanchett has a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in all aspects of farming, animal feed and agriculture. He has a background in sheep, cattle and cropping production systems across Australia and New Zealand and has been part of the Milne team since 2005, overseeing farming, cropping and station enterprises. Today, Brett supports Milne Feeds sheep customers with feeding options. He understands the importance of providing our customers not just with products, but also advice that leads to a reduction in cost or a profit opportunity. Brett can be contacted on 0429 884 528

Dairy & Beef Product Manager

Jonathan Langan has an extensive background, and over 17 years’ experience, in all aspects of feed milling and logistics.  He brings a unique, industry insight, an understanding of manufacturing pellets that meet farmers’ needs, and detailed knowledge of the distribution network in regional WA.  He has a particular focus on customer service, mainly in the dairy and beef sector.  Early in his career, Jonathan won the Stock Feed Manufacturers Council of Australia (SFMCA) development award for Western Australia, and visited 16 feed mills and related operations in NSW and Victoria, as well as attend the Milling conference in Victoria that year. Having worked in the milling industry, and alongside livestock producers for many years, he has developed an in-depth knowledge of the Ag industry, logistic operations, production systems and customer requirements. He understands the challenges of operating profitable enterprises, and appreciates that every farm gate has different goals and strategies.  Jonathan has a ‘can-do’ attitude and achievement-orientated approach.  He is keen to assist customers to obtain the best possible results from their feed by providing great service, communication, and practical support. He can be contacted on 0407 766 444.

Equine Product Manager

Michelle Meylan has been actively involved in the horse industry in nutrition, coaching and competition for over 20 years. She has a bachelor degree in Equine Science and has a specialised focus on equine nutrition. She regularly attends leading equine conferences to continue challenging and expanding her knowledge base. Michelle joined Milne Feeds in 2004 and provides expert nutrition support to our Equine customers. Milne Feeds is committed to providing complete nutritional support to our Equine customers, so Michelle spends part of her time working individually with horse owners and trainers to devise the best diets for their horses through our free ration analysis program. Michelle also works closely with Kentucky Equine Research (KER) to keep up to date with the latest developments in equine nutrition and feeding management. She has been an invited speaker at many equestrian groups, and has presented on equine nutrition at university and conferences. As a horse owner herself, she combines these resources with her practical experience to assist owners, trainers and breeders achieve the best results possible. Michelle can be contacted on 0429 107 790.

Sales Manager

Paul Nenke has been involved in the agriculture sector for over 30 years.  He is from a farming family based at Kukerin.  The family first established their farm in 1908 and developed it into a grain and sheep enterprise. Whilst running a busy sheep production and grain cropping program, Paul was also involved in yabby farming and tourism, building a successful export segment for the yabby business. Paul is well known across regional WA for his involvement in, and passion for, agriculture.  He enjoys volunteering in his local communities as an ambulance officer, firefighter and coach of sporting teams. He also has a degree in Commerce from Murdoch University.  Paul looks forward to helping Milne Feeds customers reach their production and profit goals through quality feed and nutrition. Paul can be contacted on 0407 720 040 or by clicking on the contact button below.


Elizabeth Owens has been employed as an animal nutritionist throughout Australia for over 30 years. After completing an honours degree in Agricultural Science at the University of Western Australia, Elizabeth embarked on a career as an animal nutritionist providing least cost feed formulations and technical support with leading animal health and premix companies firstly in WA and then in NSW, Victoria and Qld. Elizabeth further expanded her knowledge base by serving for 17 yrs as a senior manager within Australia’s largest independent laboratory providing analytical services and quality solutions to the meat, stockfeed and livestock industries. During this time Elizabeth’s expertise was called upon to serve in an advisory capacity within RIRDC, Standards Australia, Equestrian Australia and as a lecturer in nutrition at the University of Queensland.  Elizabeth is now pleased to have returned to her home state of WA and a position as nutritionist with Milne AgriGroup where she hopes to contribute to the further development of this leading animal feed company.  

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