Dedicated Customer Management

Milne Feeds is a market leader in sheep feed and nutritional solutions for all types of farming operations. Our dedicated Product Managers and Sheep Specialists are happy to discuss your particular requirements and assist in answering any queries.  Please contact us on 9351 0726 or 0428 009 288.

Sheep Product Manager

Brett Blanchett has a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in all aspects of farming, animal feed and agriculture. He has a background in sheep, cattle and cropping production systems across Australia and New Zealand and has been part of the Milne team since 2005, overseeing farming, cropping and station enterprises. Today, Brett supports Milne Feeds sheep customers with feeding options. He understands the importance of providing our customers not just with products, but also advice that leads to a reduction in cost or a profit opportunity. Brett can be contacted on 0429 884 528

Cattle Product Manager

Dean Maughan gained a BSc from UWA and then worked with the Department of Agriculture Dairy Section until 1994, when he became the Milk Supply Manager for Peters & Brownes Pty Ltd. Dean joined Milne Feeds in 2005 and is the Business Development Manager, as well as the Product Manager, for all dairy feed products. Dean is well known to dairy farmers in WA and has many years’ experience through the family dairy operations and through working closely with milk producers for many years. Dean Maughan has been assisting Milne Feeds dairy, beef and sheep customers since 2014. He has a passion for helping farmers and enjoys seeing the difference that the Milne Feeds feeding solutions have made to his clients. Dean's main focus is on dairy clients, together with beef business in the south and north west of WA. Dean can be contacted on 0419 047 417.

Equine Product Manager

Michelle Meylan has been actively involved in the horse industry in sales, coaching and competition for over 20 years. Michelle joined Milne Feeds in 2004 and provides expert nutrition and sales support to our Equine customers. Milne Feeds is committed to providing complete nutritional support to our Equine customers, so Michelle spends part of her time working individually with horse owners and trainers to devise the best diets for their horses through our free ration analysis program. Michelle also works closely with Kentucky Equine Research (KER) to keep up to date with the latest developments in equine nutrition and feeding management. As a horse owner herself, she combines these resources with her practical experience to assist owners, trainers and breeders achieve the best results possible. Michelle can be contacted on 0429 107 790.


Josh Sweeny completed a BAnimSc with his honours project focusing on Dorper sheep in 2008. He graduated from Murdoch University in 2012 after completing a PhD in Veterinary Science on prime lamb production and internal parasites. Josh then commenced work at the Department of Agriculture and Food WA until 2015, when he joined Milne Feeds as our Ruminant Sales Manager. Josh has extensive experience within the WA livestock industry, underpinned by a passion for helping sheep farmers maximise the health and performance of their flock. He strives to assist farmers through Milne’s easy feeding solutions which help improve their production and profitability. Josh relishes seeing the positive impact Milne’s sheep pellets have on sheep reproductive performance, lamb survival and growth rates, and he combines his in-depth research knowledge with practical experience to ensure our sheep clients achieve the best results possible. Josh can be contacted on 0432 219 274 or by clicking on the contact button below.

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