The Ghostbelt

July 27, 2021
Western Australia has a rich history of regional towns that have risen rapidly in the pursuit of primary resource opportunities and declined just as fast when economic dreams turned to dust. Has this given rise to the Ghostbelt?
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Managing Lambs in Winter Feedlots

July 24, 2021
Feedlotting lambs, with self-feeders, is usually a straightforward job – but more fun in the dry. This year's heavy rainfall has brought with it several challenges for feedlotters.
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Milne Feeds Welcomes Jess Andony to the Team

July 20, 2021
Harvey local, Jess Andony, has recently joined the Milne Feeds team. She will begin work as an understudy to industry expert, and Milne ruminant feed manager, Dean Maughan.
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WA Milk Sales Increase, Supply Declines and WA now has Competition for Milk

July 7, 2021
A decrease in milk production, coupled with an increase in demand for milk has seen a competitive market return to the Western Australian dairy industry
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Meet Milne Feeds' Jerramungup Depot Manager

July 22, 2021
Milne Feeds' Jerramungup Depot is ideally located to service sheep farmers in the region. With a background in farming and trucking, depot manager Leon Whittle ensures good stock availability and fast turnaround for loading trucks. Read more about his story here.
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From Water Carting to Waterlogging

July 16, 2021
The Jerramungup area, in the Great Southern Ag Zone, approximately 450 kilometers southeast of Perth, has been amongst the driest areas of WA in recent years. This year's heavy rainfall has seen the scales tipped in the other direction.
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Canola Prices Flying High, but Easing

June 18, 2021
Canola prices have reached all-time highs with global demand instigating rapid price growth in the past few months. However, improved weather and growing conditions in key areas of the Northern Hemisphere have seen prices ease more recently.
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False Break Events in Western Australia

June 1, 2021
Many farmers relying on pasture for livestock enterprises, and grain production operations would be familiar with the term 'false break' and the challenges of determining whether early rain will be supported by follow up rain events to sustain germinating crops or pasture, or whether an extended dry period will follow.
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What will be the Impact of Argentina's 30-day Ban on Beef Exports?

June 14, 2021
After taking the unprecedented step of placing a 30-day ban on its beef exports in May, Argentina has moved to lift the ban, but several restrictive measures remain in place.
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Sheep Feedlot Update – The Pieper Family

June 11, 2021
The Pieper family farm at Manypeaks, near Albany, running a mixed cropping and ewe operation. Read more about their experiences here.
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