Milne Feeds produces Australia's leading Dairy Cattle feeds. In 2007 we introduced Maximize®, a high performance feed for milk producers.

Since then, Maximize has become the market leader, enabling dairy farmers to maximise the milk production and milk composition from their cows. We work closely with milk producers to monitor milk production throughout the lactation cycle and Maximize consistently delivers high performance results.

Our range of dairy feeds has been expanded to include several additional products to cover all production conditions. Correct storage and handling of pelleted feeds is important for best results. For more information visit the Storage and Handling Technical Guide.

To view some common questions regarding dairy feed, visit the Dairy FAQs.

Maximize ®

Maximize® is a high energy, high starch feed, designed to increase the energy intake of cows grazing high quality pastures without the risk of acidosis.

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MaximizePLUS® is a high energy, high protein feed, designed to increase the energy intake of cows grazing medium quality pastures and forage without the risk of acidosis.

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EasyDairy® is a nutritionally balanced 9mm pellet designed for supplementing dairy heifers. It is suitable for non-lactating cows and can also be fed as part of a lactating cow’s ration.

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CalfGro is a nutritionally balanced high energy and protein pellet, designed to be fed to calves from one week old until 10-12 weeks of age.

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LeadFeed is a nutritionally balanced ration, designed to be fed to dairy cows prior to calving to help prevent milk fever and retained placenta.

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LeadFeed with Bio-Chlor® is a nutritionally balanced ration, designed to reduce metabolic disease, improve body condition and assist with successful adaption to high grain diets.

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Dairy Product Manager

Jessica Andony has a background in both dairy and beef farming. She is well known in the dairy industry, having worked in the sector for a number of years.  Jess has a keen interest in animal health, fertility, and nutrition. She has completed the Dairy Australia Repro Right Advisor and Countdown Advisor training. Jess has a passion for both beef and dairy cattle nutrition, and enabling farmers to feed their livestock well. She holds a BSc (Hons) from Murdoch University and completed research for her honours thesis assessing the accuracy and convenience of on-farm blood test kits to detect subclinical ketosis in early lactation dairy cows.  For her work on this thesis, Jess was awarded runner-up Best Presenter in the 2015 Emerging Scientist Award.  Jess went on to be awarded the WAFarmers and Rural Bank Agriculture Award in the 2017 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards WA. Jess is looking forward to carrying on her close connections with the local dairy industry, and her passion for beef cattle, in her role at Milne Feeds. Jess can be contacted on 0435 174 719 or by clicking the button below.