Building a Shearing Shed on the Cheap

March 25, 2024

Rhys Fleay, a farmer in Moora, is the embodiment of bush ingenuity – making do with what is on hand. Juggling multiple roles as the owner of the Milne Feeds Moora depot, a stockman for Elders, and running a feedlot on his small farm, Rhys is the perfect example of a can-do attitude.

Recently, Rhys needed a shearing shed on his farm, where the depot is located. However, the cost of building a traditional shearing shed was an expensive exercise.

Average costings for a standard 3-stand shearing shed:

·      The cost of the shed: 24m x 15m x 4.5m = $130,000

·      Fit out for the shed = $120,000

With the average price tag reaching $250,000, Rhys needed a more affordable solution.

Teaming up with his uncle from Kojonup, Rhys took matters into his own hands. They decided to repurpose existing structures, including a machinery shed on the farm, by adding a lean-to extension for shearing.

The result? In just 10 days and with a budget of $11,000, Rhys and his uncle built a fully equipped 3-stand shearing shed! They extended existing yards and used materials like chipboard and steel to make it happen.

Now, the shed has a raised platform for shearing, plenty of space for workers, and storage for wool until it's sold. Rhys' ingenuity not only saved him a lot of money but also turned a challenge into an opportunity. 

Rhys Fleay's resourcefulness is a testament to the ingenuity found in the bush.