Maximising Finishing Weights in the Feedlot

November 26, 2021

While prices for lambs and cattle are buoyant at present, peak prices can often be achieved by retaining stock for finishing and selling into a market after “the flush”.  With meat processors requiring lambs and cattle to meet consumer demand at times other than the October to January period, their price grids are structured accordingly. Finishing your own lambs and cattle can be done efficiently and cost-effectively by using a balanced feed that produces the quickest liveweight gain with the lowest feed conversion ratio. Milne ruminant specialist, Dean Maughan, recently caught up with local cattle producer, Ross Prater, from Busselton. Ross shared his thoughts on selling cattle outside “the flush” period and explained how using EasyBeef to finish his cattle, in conjunction with his pasture improvement project, has benefited his total business.  See his feedlot and listen to his experiences in the video here.