Meet Aaron and Ricki Bannister from Milne Feeds Donnybrook Depot

October 24, 2023

Milne Feeds would like to introduce their new Donnybrook Depot! With a focus on supporting rural communities, one way Milne Feeds provide their customers with exceptional feed solutions is through their extensive rural distribution network. The Donnybrook Depot is just one out of 18 depots that range from as far north as the Kimberley, right down to the Southwest and Great Southern regions.

The Donnybrook depot, which originally opened its doors eight years ago, has seen a recent change of ownership. It is now under the management of local business, Westcountry Trading Co, owned by fifth-generation farmers, Aaron and Rickie-Lee Bannister. Rickie-Lee, who previously worked alongside the esteemed former owners, Gary and Josie Dimasi, has played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless transition. In addition to overseeing the Donnybrook depot, Aaron and Rickie-Lee efficiently manage two of their own businesses, Westcountry Trading Co and Earth & Dirt.

Westcountry Trading Co is a dynamic business, specialising in soil testing and agricultural solutions. Their soil testing services are comprehensive, utilising the expertise of soil microbiologists who create tailored programs to suit the unique needs of farms, whether they cultivate hay, raise livestock, or nurture specialty crops from orchards and vineyards. Westcountry Trading Co's bio-mineral fertilisers are meticulously custom-blended to enhance root structures, bolster plant health, and ward off pests and diseases. This type of soil enrichment can ultimately benefit both plants and animals by reducing the reliance on supplements and vaccines. Earth & Dirt provides composted cow manure, a valuable resource for local growers. This organic material can be distributed throughout the Southwest, and is useful for enriching gardens and agricultural plots.

Conveniently located on South Western Highway, the new Donnybrook depot location is easily recognisable by its distinctive blue shed. The process of obtaining feed is very easy, with friendly assistance to help customers determine their requirements. Simply call the depot direct on 08 9351 0751 to place an order. Pickups can be scheduled at a convenient time. Donnybrook depot currently stocks the popular sheep feeds: EasyOne® and Lambgro®, with other Milne Feeds products available on demand.

A new addition to the offerings at Donnybrook depot is Milne Feeds’ 20kg product range. Products such as Pegasus Coolmax® and Equibalance, and Milne Feeds’ AllPony® and AllGrower&Weanling® are available for horses, whilst Milne Feeds Layer Crumble and Pellet caters for chickens and laying hens.

As they look to the future, the Bannisters plan to host an open day at the Donnybrook depot in November. The specific date is yet to be confirmed, so the best way to stay in the loop is by keeping a watchful eye on their social media page, Westcountry Trading Co. This open day promises to be a memorable event, with the Milne Feeds team in attendance, so be sure to join them.

To hear more about the Bannisters, tune in to their episode on the Milne Feeds podcast "Feed for Thought" – available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music.