Meet Pingaring Depot Managers – Bev and Lincon Gangell

September 23, 2021

Long-time Pingaring locals, Bev and Lincon Gangell, own and operate Pingaring Ag Solutions (PAS). With a passion for supporting the local Ag community, Bev and Lincon’s store, a National Rural Independents (NRI) member, is located in the Kulin Shire, 340 kilometers east of Perth. PAS is a family-owned affair that incorporates a similar business in Varley, a wheatbelt town between Hyden and Lake King.  If you are in Pingaring, and purchasing something, then you are almost certainly shopping at PAS. You can get the bread and milk, pick up the mail, get the wine for dinner, order your fertilizer, and take your Ag chemical home, all at the one-stop-shop! PAS also run the local Milne Feeds depot, and have been Milne supporters for over 10 years. Although the area has a relatively small population, the depot is centrally located and services a large area. Lincon, along with two further agents, also manages the area’s WestCoast Livestock operations from Pingaring.

The word ‘Pingaring’ translates to ‘the nearby spring’ in the local Indigenous language, but this season, after receiving over 280mm of growing season rain already, water is abundant in the area and the season has shaped up to be a cracker.