Transform Grain into Reliable Pellets with Swaps and Offsets

November 27, 2023

The 2023 grain season in Western Australia has proven to be a test for farmers. A delayed start, coupled with harsh weather, has ushered in what's known as a 'green drought’, which has affected the winter pastures. An old farmer’s tale promises a great harvest when the Perth Royal Show gets washed out. Perhaps this year's warm, sunny weather during the Show was the catalyst for a season that’s resulted in pinched grain and diminished yields. Moreover, recent rains continue to affect pastures and stubble quality, compounding the challenges faced by farmers.

Given these challenges, the Milne Feeds Grain Swaps and Offsets program emerges as a viable solution. With a shortage of grain this year, both options provide growers with an opportunity to convert grain into fully fortified, nutritionally balanced pellets that provide superior animal growth and performance solutions.  For those who haven’t tried the programs, they involve trading grain for pellets via two options: one through the CBH system and the other utilising on-farm storage.

Grain Swaps entail the grower allocating grain, within CBH, to Milne Feeds. At the same time, their choice of pellet product, and the agreed price and tonnage, are formalised in a contract. The grower also nominates the approximate timing (slot), and preferred Milne Feeds depot, for collecting pellets through the season.

Offsets involve the grower bringing the grain directly into Welshpool and taking their pellets back on the same day. Offsets are best suited for growers with on-farm storage, whilst Grain Swaps are perfect for those who want to utilise CBH storage facilities and collect feed from their local Milne Feeds depot.

Grain Swaps and Offsets are the best way for current customers to guarantee their pellet price and supply, as well as the perfect opportunity for new customers to try Milne Feeds pellets. No matter the grower’s situation or preference, Milne Feeds has the right solution for you!

Here’s a breakdown of how they operate:

Milne Feeds Grain Swaps are run through the CBH bin system, via LoadNet, and our existing depot network. The Grain Swap program is open to all growers in the Kwinana, Albany and Geraldton Zones and includes lupins, wheat and barley for the 23/24 harvest. Swap factors are attributed to each grain-pellet product combination. Swap factors will move through harvest along with any major shifts in grain pricing. EasyOne®, EasyBeef® and LambGro® will be on offer with this year’s swaps.

Milne Feeds Offsets are available for lupins, wheat and barley, which can be offset against EasyOne®, EasyBeef® and LambGro®. Offsets involve contracting grain directly to Milne Feeds for a delivered FIS Welshpool price.  This also locks in the price and availability of your chosen pellets within a set time period. Grain is stored on-farm and delivered to Milne Feeds’ Welshpool mill when you need your pellets.

Grain Swaps or Offsets sound like they are for you? All you need to do is:

1)         Contact Milne Feeds to arrange a grain swap or offset

2)         Nominate your grain on LoadNet or deliver directly to Milne Feeds

3)         Select your product and collection time (slot)

4)         Collect your pellets during your slot period

It’s just that easy!

The three pellet options in the programs offer excellent value for money, guaranteed nutritional specifications, and have proven results. Milne pellets are scientifically formulated to offer better energy conversion, and take the time and guesswork out of feeding, to create profit opportunities.

EasyOne® is a premium quality, nutritionally balanced feed designed to meet protein, energy and mineral requirements for optimal feed conversion and growth. EasyOne® is a 9mm pellet complete feed that can be used in a feedlot setting or trail fed in the paddock.

EasyBeef® is a nutritionally balanced, safe, high-performance 9mm pellet designed for feedlot cattle, providing optimal weight gain and feed conversion. It is ideal for finishing cattle, assisting heifers to meet mating weights and supplementing lactating cows.

LambGro® is a nutritionally balanced feed containing the necessary energy, protein, calcium and phosphorus to maximise lamb growth, and increase survival rate and feedlot performance. The 4mm LambGro® pellet is a high protein, high energy feed produced for use in lick feeders or self-feeders, in both a paddock and feedlot situation.

Milne Feeds is confident that once farmers experience the Grain Swap or Offset programs, they won’t look back. Grain Swaps are currently open for expressions of interest and will close once production slots are filled. For enquiries, get in touch with Milne Feeds' sales manager, Paul Nenke, at 0407 720 040.