Early Weaner is a nutritionally balanced pellet for feeding to pastoral calves and young weaners.

It is a high energy, high protein ration, ideal for early weaned calves and young weaners, to enhance growth rates and rumen development.



Nutritionally balanced ration
Meets the high protein/energy requirements of growing calves and young weaners.
Promotes rumen development
Weaners are able to perform well on pastoral pastures when fed Early Weaner, which aids rumen microflora.
High energy density
Promotes rapid growth and development.
Contains 21% protein
Optimum protein level for growth and development of calves and weaners.
Contains Bovatec 150
Improves feed conversion efficiency and aids in the prevention of coccidiosis.
Quality assured vitamin/trace
mineral premix
Provides the essential vitamins and minerals required to sustain weaner health and growth.
Pelleted feed
Prevents wastage and ensures consumption of all nutritional components.
No ingredient separation
Even nutrient blend received by each animal.
Raw material standards
High quality and safety of ingredients. Feed produced in a FeedSafe® accredited mill.

Ingredient Information

Lupins, barley, wheat, cereal byproducts,canola meal, limesand, dicalciumphosphate, salt, vitamin/trace mineralpremix, lasalocid sodium.

Feeding Directions

Early Weaner is designed to be fed to pastoral calves and weaners (up to 140 kgs) on an ad lib basis. Expected intake will start at 100-200 gms/head/day in small calves, and progress to 2-3 kgs/head/day as weaners reach 130-140 kgs.

Early Weaner must be fed with roughage, in the form of pasture, hay or straw. Ensure pellets are always fresh to encourage intake.

Early Weaner aids in the development of the rumen to maximize the utilisation of pastures and dry paddock feed.

Ensure that clean, fresh water is available at all times.

Nutritional Analysis

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Dry matter basis
Crude Protein (min)
Metabolisable Energy (est)
13.0 MJ/kg
Crude Fibre (max)
Calcium (min)
Phosphorus (min)
Lasalocid Acid
37 ppm