EasyLick® is a nutritionally balanced 4mm pellet, designed to be fed to ewes and lambs in lick-feeders and creep feeders. EasyLick pellets require no adaptation - ewes and lambs can be on full feed from Day 1.



Nutritionally balanced ration
Provides the optimum balance of protein and energy lambs and ewes need.
Quality assured
vitamin/trace mineral premix
Provides the essential vitamins and minerals (including Vitamin E and selenium) needed by lambs and ewes.
No adaptation period is
Lambs and ewes can be on Easylick pellets from Day 1.
4 mm diameter pellet
Can be fed out in adjustable lick feeders. Pelleting minimises wastage and ensures there is no spread of weed seeds.
Can be fed to young lambs
A balanced ration for creep feeding early weaned lambs.
Multi-purpose ration
Can be used as a supplement to pasture or as a complete feed for lambs. No additional roughage required.
No ingredient separation
Even nutrient blend received by each lamb.
Raw material receival
High quality and safety of ingredients for quality assurance.

Ingredient Information

Barley, oats, wheat, triticale, lupins, cereal byproducts, cereal straw, oilseed meals, urea, limesand, dicalcium phosphate, vitamin E, vitamin/trace mineral premix, micro-encapsulated natural essential oil blend.

Feeding Directions

Easylick® pellets can be fed to ewes, rams and lambs in lick-feeders from Day 1. No adaptation period is required. No hay or straw is required. Feeding rate will depend on how much paddock feed is available and the reproductive stage of the ewe.

Prior to joining, ewes should be fed 300 g/hd/day to ensure they reach a target condition score of 3.0-3.5. For maintenance of dry ewes, which have access to some paddock feed or stubble, feed 350-570 g/hd/day of EasyLick® pellets.

If there is very little stubble available, pregnant ewes in the first two thirds of gestation will require 0.9kg/hd/day of Easylick® pellets. Feeding rate for pregnant ewes in the last trimester of gestation should be increased to 1.1-1.3kg/hd/day. If little stubble or paddock feed is available, lactating ewes will require 1.7-2.2kg/hd/day of EasyLick® pellets during the first 8 weeks of lactation.

Nutritional Analysis

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Dry matter basis
Crude Protein (min)
Metabolisable Energy (est)
11.0 MJ/kg
Crude Fibre (max)
Vitamin E (added)
Natural Essential Oil